Money Management Resources

I’ll confess that a large part of my decision to start blogging about my experiences was inspired by the one and only Mr. Money Moustache (MMM).  His blog, along with Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme (ERE), jlcollinsnh, and the Mad FIentist have taught me much of what I know about pursuing Financial Independence (FI).  This state is also sometimes called Financially Independent Retired Early (FIRE).  Below, you’ll find a summary of some of  my favorite articles by these authors.


Finally let me mention reddit.  I started by browsing /r/personalfinance/.  This community is great at discussing the basics of money management.  However, when I discovered  /r/financialindependence/ I decided that they weren’t hardcore enough.  The financial independence subreddit taught me the basic FI mindset and led me to MMM and ERE.  This is a great place to go if you have questions.


If you are curious about inflation.  This video by Mike Maloney is a must watch.  The whole 5 part series on the secrets of money is good if you have the time.  He tries to sell you on the concept of owning gold, but aside from that, the video above is great.


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